How to Show Support to Those Most Vulnerable During COVID-19

Haleh Nourani


The COVID-19 public health emergency is rattling global markets and causing broad uncertainty. As it unfolds, our first priority is to keep our families safe and healthy. The coming weeks are also going to have a big impact on our communities’ most vulnerable including seniors and low-income children and families...and on the nonprofit organizations that support them.

Donate through Compass Cares
Compass Cares is moving fast to help organizations provide important medical services, food, and support to impacted vulnerable populations supporting:
The CDC Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund
​​​​​​​Feeding America
Meals on Wheels America

Give to restaurants & food banks
Send a grocery gift card to your local charity, food bank, or someone in need
Donate a non-perishable food item to your local food bank or shelter
Consider sending a digital gift card or box of food to families that cannot afford to stock up

Take care of your at-risk community
Check-in on elderly neighbors to see if you can offer support or companionship
Offer assistance to shop for or pick up a prescription at-risk neighbors
​​​​​​​Introduce yourself to your neighbors and/or exchange phone numbers

Support local businesses
Purchase a gift card from your favorite restaurant to use at a later date
​​​​​​​Support your local pharmacies, restaurants, and businesses -- online and off
Order in through delivery platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Postmates

Stay in touch
Call, text, FaceTime, or start a “Houseparty” with friends, colleagues, neighbors and relatives to see how they are doing
Ask a friend to cook a meal, watch a film or read a book at the same time as you on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime
Send a handwritten card to a community organization or friend

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